This is the latest version from June 2023

Find here the link to get the latest June update offered by the “blue” version of WhatsApp. ready?

We leave you the link to download the new version 30.00 of WhatsApp Plus | Libero composition

The WhatsApp, the world’s most used messaging app, offers amazing tools that make our communications easier. However, many netizens Not satisfied with the features and decided to switch to an app which has recently increased in popularity. What is this? We refer to WhatsApp Plus.

As the month of June 2023 comes to a close, a new update has been released for this app, which brings with it a series of improvements compared to the previous version. We invite you to download this New version: v30.00. Do you want to get it? Here we will explain how to download, install and use it without difficulties.

WhatsApp Plus v30.00 APK

Finally, it was released The version for WhatsApp Plus APK V30.00It is already available for all Android smartphones. Unlike the previous version, this The update has several interesting options such as increased privacy and real-time GPS location.

Now you will be able to see the location of all your friends and you will also be able to change the font and get more personalized wallpapers for your chats. These and other advantages in whatsapp plus latest versionwhich you can also use by July 2023.

Download WhatsApp Plus v30.00 APK

How to download WhatsApp Plus APK Android V30.00?

This WhatsApp Plus update does not contain ads, which improves user experience. For it to work normally, you will need to remove the official version from your smartphone, so we suggest that you backup your chats before doing so. Once you have completed this important step, you must do the following:

  • Download the version by entering WhatsApp Plus V30.00 by Yessimords. Remember that you can Download it by Media Fire without virus and without ads.
  • Grant Google Chrome permissions to install third-party apps. It is important to have it on your Android smartphone.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and the verification code that will come to you.
  • ready! Now you can enjoy the tools in it Whatsapp plus for you.
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Steps to install Colorful WhatsApp Plus APK

  • The first step is crucial, because you should know that you should not have anything related to WhatsApp on your cell phone. Check any kind of file otherwise it can cause you serious problem.
  • Once verified, just enter this link to download Color WhatsApp Plus by clicking here.
  • Enter your phone number and verification code.
  • Enter your username and you’re done.
  • Next, go to Settings Plus and go to Themes.
  • Go to “Download Themes” and choose the one you like the most.
  • Configure it according to your style and design to complete the process.
  • Keep in mind that you have to be very careful if you use the functions of this APK too quickly, otherwise your account may be temporarily suspended.

How to silence calls from strangers?

If you want to activate this function, just enter “Privacy”, select the “Calls” option and click on “Mute calls from unknown numbers” and that’s it.

It should be noted that when the seconds of a call pass, it won’t go away, so it’s all recorded in your history in case it’s something important and you need to return the call.

Risks of using WhatsApp Plus

For being an alternative version of the official one, it has a penalty for using it. You can be permanently suspended or “banned” if you are found to be using it.

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