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ChatGPT It is a model used artificial intelligence To create functional conversations. Through a ProgrammingProvides information, answers questions, performs calculations, draws graphs, interprets texts, summarizes content, and resolves user queries. Many people benefit from this Free service To correct writings, get ideas, or access specific information instantly.

Unlike A chatbotis designed to read statements specifically and thus respond accurately, avoiding generalities and adapting to the needs and requirements of the writer.

ChatGPT does not require downloading an app, but it does require creating an account Shutterstock – Shutterstock

he ChatGPT It can be used to write texts and create new creative, literary and informational content. And so is this platform Provides the opportunity to Translate into multiple languages. Its use is completely personalized, with each user getting a unique and different experience from others. It is important to remember that this service was last updated in September 2021, so events, data and information after that date are excluded from its database.

This service provides a free option for everyone and there is no need to download a file program also platform. To do this, the user must have a computer, tablet or mobile phone connected to the Internet. Internet. It is important to know that initially this page may display English as the default language, but this can be changed once you log in to the account.

to reach conversation You must enter Open Eye website And perform the following steps:

The user can ask again, ask for clarification again, and request data and information as many times as he wishes. Likewise, it is possible to generate multiple Chats With different topics or questions, if you wish. These conversations are saved by default and can be deleted manually.

ChatGPT is a product of OpenAI (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)Michael Dwyer – AP

To make the most of this free service, It is important to keep in mind some questions about this tool:

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