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They discover that Rabbit r1 is actually an Android application

These AI products that aim to replace your smartphone ultimately seem to be innovative… but not by much!

This is the Rabbit r1, the latest 'gadget' that aims to replace your smartphone

They have been in the news in recent days and certainly not for the things they desire. these “Innovators” Tools That works with artificial intelligencewe have awakened the already famous AI Pin of Humane and Rabbit r1 Interest and enthusiasm for its disruptive concept Focus on artificial intelligence and its motivation to replace the smartphone, even though it is in reality They also left us with a lot of questions. Which we are starting to answer now.

Its first significant drawback is that it requires all of our data to function and that's not something we like very much, although that is It is only a minor problem if we look at the experience of some experts how Marquis Brownleewho after testing confirmed that the humanistic AI pin exists at the moment “Worst product I have ever reviewed”.

And now It is the r1 rabbit in the eye of the hurricane After the tests he conducted Mishal Rahman in Robot bodywhere she follows the trail of an unknown informant They got it harbor APK launcher rabbit To finish checking this out, in fact after installing it on the Pixel 6a, it is just a matter of Simple Android application Run on custom AOSP firmware.

They intend to define an era and replace the smartphone, but these functions Tools AI can be condensed into a simple smartphone app itself

Well, yes, the truth is that these devices focused on artificial intelligence It offers practically nothing that your current mobile phone can't doAnd, in fact, that's all The Rabbit r1 interface appears to be handled by an Android app Which runs on AOSP firmware customized by the manufacturer. Which doesn't mean it's very innovative so to speak…

In his tests, Rahman was able to install the APK file of the file launcher rabbit on Pixel 6a, Its interface operates without major problems and you navigate through its menus using the Volume Up buttonwhich corresponds to the hardware key of the Rabbit r1.

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The biggest problem is that since Rabbit r1 has small size an offer, The software was displayed on part of the Pixel's screen. However, everything else seems to be working: I was able to create an account Rabbit holego through its setup wizards and Even ask the AI ​​Assistant a question Which responded without complications, as shown in the video that we leave you below.

They didn't try more things, of course, because it's obvious Many permissions necessary for operation cannot be set Correctly on pixels. However, the fact that Rabbit runs on an existing Android smartphone still makes the manufacturer blush, which he says Its founder Jesse Liu wanted to respond to such discoveries To explain how to run your program.

They say since the rabbit so for him Large Language Model (LLM) Runs entirely in the cloud And Rabbit r1 cannot be defined as an Android app at all The AOSP base is customized with minimal level firmware modifications Which are essential for proper function.

Here we leave you their full statements:

Rabbit R1 is not an Android application. We are aware that there are some emulators such as unofficial Rabbit OS websites or apps. We understand people's eagerness to experience our AI and LAM systems rather than waiting for their R1 to arrive. However, to clear up any misunderstandings and set the record straight, Rabbit OS and LAM run in the cloud using heavily custom AOSP and lower-level firmware modifications, so installing a pirated APK locally and without the appropriate OS and cloud endpoints, you won't be able to Be able to access our service. Rabbit OS is customized for r1 and we do not support third party clients. Using a pirated APK or web client comes with significant risks. Malicious actors are known to deploy compromised applications that steal your data. For this reason, we recommend users to avoid pirated Rabbit OS applications. Jesse Liu, founder and CEO of Rabbit.

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He's not saying anything new, whatever it is, okay We all knew that in reality the processing would be done in the cloud It is clear that the basis of the system has been modified to adapt it to their needs, although it remains that way A big revelation that AOSP is under the hood of the Rabbit r1 Which shows that although they want to become an alternative to smartphones, they are still relying on its legacy.

we will see What they offer us and how they develop Over time, but honestly, right now, I'm… I don't see that they can revolutionize anything practically Some little widget that needs access to all my data etc Then they'll let me do the things my current smartphone already does Without problems or learning curves.

And you, what do you think of this Humane AI Pin t Rabbit r1? Are they the future or not?

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