Do illegal immigrants have to pay taxes in the United States? This is what American-international law says



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Pay taxes

Although they can easily avoid this, many immigrants choose to stay informed

Although they do not have immigration status that would enable them to reside in the United States, a lot Illegal immigrants They pay their taxes and are familiar with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).. According to the law, “non-resident aliens”, as they are officially defined, are also obligated to contribute to the tax issue.

Against existing bias, the truth is that Millions of immigrants who are not recognized by the United States as tax-paying residents. In addition to their legal obligation, many also do this to leave records that could help them in the future obtain a green card.

What US law says about paying taxes to illegal immigrants

According to what the Tax Authority reported on its official website, A non-resident alien must file a tax return if:

  1. It is assumed that you operated a trade or business in the North American territories during the fiscal year.
  2. You have income from the United States that you still have to pay taxes on, even though a percentage of the transaction has already been withheld.
  3. He is the trustee of an estate or trust of a non-resident alien.
  4. A resident or local agent responsible for the care of a nonresident alien.
  5. You are responsible for submitting the return to the person who meets one of the first two points.
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How do illegal immigrants in the United States pay their taxes?

According to information received from the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), which responded CNN, Immigrants pay using their Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).. This number is issued regardless of the taxpayer’s immigration status, and is only used in this area.

Green card

Paying taxes can help illegal immigrants apply for permanent residency in the future


United States Secretary of State

In addition to the personal issue, this may also mean an advantage for the future. If you apply for permanent residence, Immigrants will be able to submit their tax payments as proof of “good character” and that they have been and are working in the United States. During the specified time period.

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