This is the food you should eat if you want to get rid of garlic on your breath, according to science

Garlic is one of the most widely used ingredients in the Mediterranean diet. It adds a special touch to meals, whether whole, packaged, raw or cooked, it is part of stir-fries, stews and salads. In addition, it is a food that strengthens immunity, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and improves cardiovascular health.

Its flavor and health benefits do not leave aside its main problem: It leaves a taste on your breath that is difficult to get rid of. There are home remedies to alleviate this side effect, such as chewing mint or parsley, although this only reduces the odor slightly and improves breathing. But there is another system to eliminate this feeling, and it was discovered by researchers at Ohio State University (USA).

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A new study conducted in the laboratory has shown this Natural yogurt with whole milk It prevented almost all of the volatile compounds responsible for garlic’s pungent odor from escaping into the air, so it could eliminate its odor.

The researchers tested the deodorizing abilities of yogurt’s garlic and its individual components of water, fat, and protein to see how each combated odor. Both fats and proteins were effective in trapping garlic odor, leading scientists to suggest that protein-rich foods could one day be formulated specifically to combat garlic odor.

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“High protein is very hot right now,” explains the study’s lead author, Cheryl Barringer, a professor of food science and technology at Ohio State University. “In general, people want to eat more protein.” An unintended side benefit may be a richer composition “With protein, it can be promoted as a deodorant in addition to its nutritional properties.”

The results showed that yogurt alone reduced 99% of the main odor-causing volatile compounds in raw garlic. When presented separately, the fat, water, and protein components of yogurt also had a deodorizing effect over raw garlic, but fat and protein performed better than water.

Barringer and Kaur also tested the deodorizing effect of yogurt and its separate components in fried garlic, and in the process, they found that frying garlic alone significantly reduced most of the volatile compounds that cause garlic odor. The researchers hypothesized that yogurt and its individual ingredients neutralize a lower proportion of the volatile compounds from fried garlic than from raw garlic, perhaps because there are fewer volatiles that can be trapped compared to those in raw cloves.

Barringer has a history of identifying foods that can combat bad breath, including… Apple, mint, lettuce and milkThis is thanks to its enzymes and fats that work to get rid of the sulfur compounds that cause the persistent garlic smell.

The researcher said that fruit-flavored yogurt is also likely to be effective, and whatever the use, it should be quickly followed by eating raw garlic. “For apples, we always said to eat them right away. And the same thing is supposed to happen with yogurt: eat the garlic and yogurt right away.

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