They went to Haiti on a solidarity mission

Two Argentines meet lost in the caribbean sea, with two other people, Since last Tuesday 28th September.

As Clarin confirmed by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the matter is about Renzo Spasciano, 20 years old, and Carlos Eduardo Juarez, for whom there is no other data on them at the moment.

The ship sailed from Mexico To bring humanitarian aid to Haiti, but on the trip back to that country, the boat lost all contact and Nothing is known about her. It was about halfway there.

Those closest to Renso Spaciano, who lived in Mexico for some time, are “desperate.” with regard to Clarion A friend of the Renzo family The government of Mexico does not activate searches It also matches.”

Renzo Spasciano was part of the crew of the yacht that traveled to Haiti to provide humanitarian aid.

Renzo’s family Pay “especially for a plane that leaves twice a day” To extract the area in which they estimated the boat could be found, but the money began to be insufficient to pay for the search.

Every time you leave the plane, it’s $5,000‘, they identified from the family environment, which is very demanding: ‘Mexico should take the planes and roam the Gulf.’

On its voyage from Mexico to Haiti, the boat was carrying food, fuel, and other supplies amounting to several tons, sent by a religious congregation. It was a message of solidarity. On the way back, they stop in Jamaica, to refuel.

And the mystery and despair experienced by the relatives is enormous because in their last contact with the mainland, which was around 12:20 on Tuesday – when they spoke from the ship with a captain who was in Miami – they reported it Weather conditions were perfect, related to Luis Spaciano, father of Renzo.

About twenty minutes later, at 12:43 on Tuesday, the yacht issued its last notification of its location and nothing else was heard from it.

“We contact the company that provides the geolocation service and they tell us the equipment is down or… The difference is goneLewis said he was upset.

The 83-foot-high ship had departed from Quintana Roo, in Puerto AventurasMexico, on September 15. They were delayed at their destination a few days longer than expected due to the formalities of unpacking what they were carrying, according to Renzo’s father.

Planned to return to Mexico before Cozumel portFrom there, back to Puerto Aventuras. But this never happened.

The yacht is equipped with Satellite phone And with the GPS team it sends a signal of the location every twenty minutes.


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