Facebook will enable group chats between Instagram and Messenger

Facebook decided Combine chats Between two sister apps, Messenger e Instagram“We wanted to bring some of the magic of Messenger to Instagram so you can have the best messaging experience possible!” said Satish Kumar Srinivasan, Director of Product Management for Messenger!

This update launched by the company with the intention of facilitating communication for people who use its platforms, It has already been accepted by more than 70% of users of Instagram is considered eligible for this “federation”.

After the new version implemented last year, Facebook just announced it Messenger groups can now also include Instagram contactsvice versa.

It is noteworthy that the integration It’s not a fusionSince each Messenger and Instagram account continues to exist in parallel and independently, the calling function from your Messenger account is simply added to your Instagram account, or vice versa.

Messenger also introduced new custom designs for conversations, like the one inspired by J Balvin’s latest album.

“With this update, people will be able to start group chats between their Instagram and Messenger contacts,” Srinivasan said in a blog post. Within these group chats across apps, you can continue to personalize your chat experience with personalized chat threads and replies.

Regarding sections Security and privacy Of this integration, he added, “You’ll still have the same controls over who can contact you. With delivery controls, you can specify who accesses your chat list, who goes to your message requests folder, and who can’t send you messages. And don’t name them.”

Srinivasan also mentioned that there will be “Collective Writing Indicators” Through it the user will be able to know when a person is writing within a group. This option will work the same as in individual chats, only in this case, next to the three floating points, the photo of each person writing at the same time in the conversation will be displayed.

The integration will include ‘Collective Writing Indicators’.

On the other hand, it can now also be implemented Internal surveys in group chats on Instagram. This functionality was already present in Messenger and other competing apps, such as Telegram.

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Facebook’s plans to integrate the services offered by its various products are already known, so it is expected that they will include in the future as well The WhatsApp.

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