Pictures show that Lake Titicaca, on Earth, is drying up quickly


Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and the largest in South America; Its height is more than 3,800 metres, its approximate area is 8,490 square kilometers, and its depth is 280 metres.Isar Raald – AFP
Water levels in the lake are falling rapidly after a record winter heatwave. This affects the tourism, fishing and agriculture that local people depend onIsar Raald – AFP
Everything indicates that the situation will worsen in the lake shared by Bolivia and PeruIsar Raald – AFP
The lake is 25 cm below the historical minimum recorded in 1996Isar Raald – AFP
In Huarena and on the edges of the lake, you can see that where there used to be water, there is now dry land, stones, mud and even a wooden pier that sometimes sticks out. Isar Raald – AFP
Areas that were navigable today can be crossed on footAP
In addition to drought, Titicaca suffers from severe pollution due to waste generated by the city of El Alto, one of the most densely populated cities in this landlocked country. In addition, there is indiscriminate hunting that leads to the extermination of these species.Isar Raald – AFP
Despair and anxiety prevail in the towns of Titicaca that water will not return to normal levels in the highest navigable lake in the world.Isar Raald – AFP
A boat is stranded on the cracked bottom of the lake due to water shortages caused by El Niño added to climate changeIsar Raald – AFP
The drop in water levels has exceeded the alarming drop of 60 centimetres, and the condition of this vital reserve for the livelihood of thousands of residents is tending to deteriorate.Isar Raald – AFP

Photos: AFP, Associated Press, Getty Images

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Photo editing: Fernanda Corbani


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