They spotted 3 sharks near their boat, they got so close what they saw left them speechless

in the past weeks, Many sharks have been recorded on the beaches san andreaswho worries coral – The highest environmental authority on the island – because this is due to the persistence of some fishermen in the bad practices of catching these specimens with dead animals.

In a video posted by Coralina on social networks, you can see how three sharks ate the carcass of a pig they threw into the water. What is troubling is that these species, all protected, are showing up in bathing areas.

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The moment the sharks appear

What can be verified today by videos provided by a diving center and biologists from Coralina, which includes a corpse A pig floats in the sea while being bitten by two tiger sharks and a white sharkCoralina said in a statement.

The moment sharks eat a pig on the beaches of San Andres (Photo: Coralina)

The entity reminded the community that catching sharks is illegal, and rejects the fact that pigs were baited in their waters, which attracted sharks.

In addition, they indicated that those who engage in these practices are subject to various punishments.

They explained that “if a person is caught red-handed in a crime that violates the law, not only the materials with which the law was violated may be confiscated, but also vehicles or goods, for example: boats or the like.”

Shark on display in San Andreas Photo: Coralina

next to, You can be fined up to £35,000 of the current statutory monthly minimum wage and deprivation of liberty from 48 to 108 months.They select from Coralina.

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