What can be done on iPhone with the new iOS 17

The new version of iOS 17 will be installed by default on the new iPhone 15 and all its models. Follow Favorite

in less than five months, manzana Can announce the launch of the new iPhone 15 (usually during the month of September) and the new operating system update will come with it iOS 17.

According to a leak posted by a user named Setsuna Digitalwho has already posted information about a yellow iPhone, the new cell phone lock screen will have different font sizes to further customize the look.

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On the other hand, Apple Music will increase its role as an app music You will be able to view the lyrics even with the device locked and the changes will be added to the layout of the file widget for a simpler one.

he Control Center It will also introduce tweaks in its design, although it has not been made clear whether they will be purely aesthetic or aimed at improving its operation.

Some iPhone settings can be activated from the device’s Settings menu.

Another aspect that will be modified issuance iOS Sharing lock screen customization details to send to other users will be for iPhone, As with to request abbreviations.

In addition, the brightness bar of the flashlight will be adjustable to set the desired intensity of brightness, just like the volume.

If the application is managed, the library will receive an update to allow the manual change of the names of each folder when the user desires.

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Other updates that come with the new iOS 17 They include modification of notifications received from the Settings menu, improvements to the cell phone search system, changes to the Wallet apps and createas well as focus mode filters.

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Regarding devices accessing the software update, iOS 17 It will introduce a major change from previous operating systems as it will be available for the same devices that support the iOS 16 update. This includes models that can no longer access the new operating system such as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro. (GIF: Apple)

It will include the new Apple system Active widgets Not only is it displayed on the lock screen, but it also includes buttons that can be interacted with to get more information without having to open the app or unlock the phone. cell phone.

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As a way to ensure that anyone can access Jobs iPhone, New ways to configure accessibility have been developed. This will be helpful in handling the device by children and minors.

Although it has not been detailed what it will be, it has been reported that Dynamic Island Apple will have new functions that take advantage of the available space at the top of the cell phone screen.

Other than the aforementioned improvements and other minor improvements that can be made iPhone in the coming months, Mark Gorman He stressed that it considers the introduction of more significant changes in the lock screen system is very unlikely.

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