The United States hates Damien Zifron’s new movie, and France loves it

A very sensitive issue for the United States:


Mass shootings in the United States are almost a taboo topic.

In addition, Baltimore in the United States has always been the scene of horrific crimes and a sector of American society far from the “American Dream”.

An example of the above, also influenced by Szifron, can be found in the HBO series The Wire. Baltimore, in real life, is not a fun place.


The 2017 Las Vegas shooting sparked hundreds of discussions.

On the other hand, mass killings in the United States is a sensitive subject. Recently, a young white supremacist walked into a supermarket and broadcast a massacre of all people with Latino or African American skin and oriental features.. A movie like Szifrón was expected to go through a rough patch.

This was also reflected in some angry critics:


and that? Don’t like them? Or do they not accept that a foreigner can make good products on his own land?

On the other hand, the results were better in France.


Second France, but good vibes.

Plot and release date in Argentina:

The plot of Misanthrope foreshadows an experience similar to that of David Fincher’s Zodiac or The Seven Deadly Sins, by the same director: “Baltimore. New Year’s Eve. A talented but troubled police officer is recruited by the FBI’s chief investigator to help identify and track down a mass murderer.. “

Misanthrope | The official announcement

Meanwhile in Argentina You must bank on May 4, the date of issue. Currently, those who were fortunate enough to see it in the press consider it one of Szifrón’s most solid and masterpiece works of a detective thriller with dark social overtones.

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