They scold the national team in the United States and…

Lack of education among football players National selection In Atlanta, where they did just that Reporters waited more than an hour In the mixed area, just to eat his lunch before going to the airport.

Obviously, the abandonment of journalists did not even produce a picture of the logos of the many sponsors that the Mexican team has in the United States, all of which are sold by SUM (Soccer United Marketing), the company that promotes parties in the United States. American Federation.

Moreover, SUM saw how Jaime Lozano He decided to arrive in the final round with only one day’s notice, something that should not have been done under the contract.

So it’s all wrong, everything. A million dollar contract forces them to do numerous activations with the media so that brands can be seen.

Jaime Lozano. (Adrian Macias/Mix Sport)

There was a reprimand and the national team will have to do what SUM wants…

Then came the slap, and now they scolded National selection You will have to Do what SUM wantsWell, more like what they have to do under the contract.

That’s why they will arrive in the next round in Charlotte and Philadelphia six days early, regardless of whether the squad is incomplete or not, but on October 8 they will travel to North Carolina on a charter flight, of course without the players who play for European clubs.

They will arrive on Monday, but that does not matter to SUM, they want to receive them at the Marriott South Park starting Sunday night, why? Well, not at all, Just so those who pay millions don’t get angry To the national team.

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So far very disciplined in FMF And attention to SUM, which although they no longer see with such kind eyes in this administration, they continue the current contract.

Mexico National Team: When will your next matches be in the United States?

  • Mexico vs. Ghana – October 13 in Charlotte – 6:30 p.m., CST
  • Mexico vs. Germany – October 17 in Philadelphia – 6:00 PM, Central Mexican Time

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