Genshin Impact Livestream 3.7 summary

May 13, 2023 is the day he chose MyHole to launch the new Live broadcast from version Genshin Impact 3.7.1 Update. with a lot of News And Exclusive content For the game, we summarize all the news. Let’s see!

New events

During this new version of Genshin effectWe will enjoy new events that will reward us with it protogemes And different Material for our adventure Tivat. In the first of them called duel! Summit summoners! They will even give us Arch to 4 starsIn addition to crowns boarding materials.

At the same event, we will have several mini games to bypass until you get rewards finals. These will be mini games similar Of the many we’ve seen, like one of gears or small challenges to overcome it.

Other upcoming events are Divine Creativity: The Whole Branchin which we will have to overcome some dungeons that we have created, Departed Veterans Dayin which we will have to defeat the mini-bosses under specific conditions that we choose and Fayez’s experiences: a hypothesisAnd Where we will have to capture enemies in a form that will cause them a lot of damage.

The prayer of the wise

Within this new version, in addition to several new messagessuch as Venti, Nahida, Zhongli, or Shogun Raiden, as well as Different game modes (K PvP).

Live broadcast 3.7 Genshin effect

Karara demo

A small display was made experimental For the following four star character, Karara. In this demo, she is seen walking, attacking, and even her defense form. It’s been detailed what her attacks and abilities will be like, showing her to be Defending Very strong. Some of her history is also revealed: It’s a Yokai What is responsible for doing shipments throughout the district Inazuma.

Live broadcast 3.7 Genshin effect

New story mission

Yuemia He will be the protagonist of the next story mission. the pyro archer You will enjoy her return on her starring mission and will definitely do some rounds around the area Sumerothe last playable area in the game.

Live broadcast 3.7 Genshin effect

Dating with a cafe

They will also be available to play quotes with Cafe. These assignments, as you may already know, are small missions with four-star minor characters providing information and adventure on their side. We remind you that overcoming it will reward you Achievements And Free protogems.

Live broadcast 3.7 Genshin effect

Protogem codes

As always, MiHoYo is distributing new codes for protogemes It can be redeemed in our Genshin Impact account in some way free. The codes they provided are as follows. Remember that it is temporary, so replace it quickly!

  • XT82F8JZS4TR
  • 5A92W9JZBLCH
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These are all News Views in the live broadcast of version 3.7 of Genshin effect. Stay tuned for more News!

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