They ratified the judgment against Batterygate v. Apple

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Apple started paying $65 to more than $2 million From affected users of the so-called BatteryGate. The initiation of compensation ends a five-year lawsuit in which the company pleaded guilty to knowingly slowing down older iPhones without notifying consumers..

BatteryGate has been called out by several of the biggest scams in the history of modern technology. In 2020, Apple admitted to introducing an update In 2017, this slowed iOS performance on some older iPhone models. The functionality, according to the company, was a protection system intended to prevent iPhones from turning off accidentally due to battery overload.

Apple did not inform users of this change and only brought it to the public’s attention when thousands of consumers began complaining about performance issues and older iPhones shutting down with 30% battery life remaining. The complaints led to a multi-state investigation in the United States that confirmed that the software update slowed performance and caused unexpected shutdowns.

company be denied Bad intentions with the promotion, but agreed to pay up to $500 million in claims (amount varies depending on the final number of users who claimed). After several appeals, the case is finally resolved It has been closedAnd Approval of the initial judgment and commencement of compensation.

The claim period for this compensation has been closed for a long time. Users who have completed registrationContact in your day can check the status of it this site.

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