‘The situation has worsened’: Nobel Prize in Physics requires more funding for science in the world | Technique

The Italian Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 Giorgio Baresi Friday demanded more funding for scientific research after he lamented Italy’s occupation of the “last places” in this field in Europe.

“The investigation does not have enough funds and The situation has worsened in the past ten to fifteen years.” Baresi confirmed in an interview in Rome with the foreign press.

“I was pleased to see that Mario Draghi’s government promised to increase the research budget, because we are among the last” in the European Union, Parisi stressed.

On Thursday, Research Minister Cristina Mesa promised 6 billion euros (about $7 billion) to fund 60 projects.

According to Eurostat data from 2019, Italy spent 1.45% of its GDP on research, while the EU averages 2.19%, which is France’s figure, far from the 3.17% allocated by Germany.

“Italy is not a country that welcomes researchers, whether they are Italians or foreigners,” added Parisi, who on Tuesday won the Nobel Prize in Physics with two other scientists, Japanese-American Seokuro Manabe and German Klaus Haselmann.

“90% of the Ministry of Research and Development’s money is spent on salaries and only 7% on research”, She said.

Parisi summed up: “Searching is like a garden, if you think you can water it every two weeks, things will go wrong.”

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