They capture the largest solar flare observed in a single image with the entire solar disk


Feb 21 2022 09:09 GMT

The image was taken on February 15 by the European Space Agency (ESA’s) Solar Orbiting Satellite.

The European Space Agency (ESA) acquired the largest eruption of solar prominence Observed in a single image with the entire solar disk, as declared in a release Posted on Friday on its website.

The image, which the European Space Agency posted on its Twitter account, was taken by the Solar Orbiter satellite. The event took place on February 15 and Stretched millions of miles into spaceHowever, the European Space Agency has clarified that the coronal mass ejections are not directed at Earth.

It also indicates that space probes not intended for solar science have felt the blast, such as BepiColombo, a joint mission between ESA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) that detected a massive increase in the readings of electrons, protons and heavy ions with radiation. observer.

“Although this event did not send a batch of killer particles towards Earth, it is an important reminder of The unexpected nature of the sun and the importance of understanding and monitoring their behaviour.”

In this sense, he notes that Vigil, the ESA’s future mission dedicated to space meteorology, will provide unique views of events of this type with the goal of “better protecting our planet from the violent eruptions of the Sun.”

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