Apple will introduce a new subscription service for iPhone and other devices

A Bloomberg report indicates that Apple will launch a new subscription to get iPhone and other devices

we tell you that Apple plans to launch a new subscription service for devices Focused on devices like the iPhone and iPad, a service that’s comparable to current devices like Apple Music or Apple Arcade (or Apple One altogether). This information was Quoted from Mark Gorman from Bloomberg It will be available between the end of 2022 or until 2023.

A new subscription service for an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device

This is a rumor It’s fun for those users who can’t afford the full payment for the Apple device. As an Apple customer, you will have to pay a monthly subscription and have access to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other device. The purchase can be linked to some other subscription, it is not known whether it is mandatory but it will work through an Apple ID with a mechanism linked to the App Store.

Let’s remember that Apple already has a special update program for the iPhone but let’s not get confused, This service will be different because it will be One monthly fee without specifying a mandatory repayment period. In addition to Apple intends to offer more products under this subscription methodAnd that’s not bad at all if you want to get another product that isn’t an iPhone. The customer may think Buy iPhone directly from Apple With this new subscription.

iPhone screen in Apple Store

In order to purchase the subscription, each user can do so on the Apple website, in the Apple Store, or within the App Store. Can renew every time for updated products and to be part of the protection offered by Apple Care. It can also be included as part of a file An Apple One Premium subscription can be savings.

Significant increase in sales of Apple subscription products

If these plans are confirmed, there is no doubt about it Apple will boost sales in terms of services according to Bloomberg. Apple has been working on this plan for a few months now which is why there are no further details of its work.

On the other hand, they have worked on a customer-centric service ApplePayInstant purchase and deferred payment method. This might be a launch tip but only for customers using Apple PayOver time it can be expanded to all users in general.

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