They are looking for young people from Neuquén to do exchange in the United States

After completing the registration form, Neuquén candidates must appear at a local event at the beginning of September, where they will have the opportunity to speak with Neuquén leaders in politics, private sector, media, health or trade unions, among other areas. Then they will be evaluated through a test and a personal interview.

The Neuquen meeting has been declared of legislative importance by the Neuquen legislature and has also received recognition from the City Council for its value in promoting citizen participation for young people under 30 years of age interested in public affairs.

Those selected to represent Neuquén will travel to Buenos Aires to be part of the Federal Country Symposium. For a week, in October, they will visit the main national institutions and will have the possibility of holding face-to-face meetings with important Argentine leaders.Who represent the public and private sectors, parties and different ideologies.

Thus, they will engage in conversations about economics, the environment, tax policies, legislative practice, access to justice, trade unions or community management, among other topics. During the symposium, cultural meetings and even trips to neighboring cities are planned, in the context of a collective exchange with other young leaders from different Argentine provinces.

“Having the opportunity to participate in FURP is an unforgettable experience for life. I recommend everyone to join,” said Camilo Echavarria, a member of the Neuquen City Council, who was one of the participants in the seminar. “It is an opportunity to meet new friends, share, learn, disassemble our ideas, and understand that in diversity, common points are built through dialogue, which should be interlocutors to contribute to the country’s development,” he added. He said.

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Year after year, the symposium seeks to add a more interdisciplinary perspectiveTherefore, not only lawyers, economists or political scientists are included among the participants. There are also representatives from journalists, doctors, engineers, union representatives and many other professions who contribute their knowledge and perspectives to build a better future. Through the premise of “promoting exchange”, the entity seeks to create openness to all professions, ideologies and political parties.

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Among the scholarship recipients from across the country, 15 distinguished individuals will be selected for a full scholarship in the United States. The trip includes master classes at prestigious universities, visits to strategic institutions of the US government, as well as meetings with diplomats and international cooperation organizations, such as the United Nations, the Organization of American States, or the World Bank. There is also a space for cultural exchange that allows us to delve deeper into the idiosyncrasies of Americans.

Those interested in joining the local instance of the federal state FURPwhether they are from the capital, Neuquén, or from within the province, they can access the registration in the following connection. There is time until September 1st.

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