Gymnastics prepares for two new periods at Estancia Chica

Today the courses will start at Estancia Chica 9 o’clock In the morning with the first group exercise, and after lunch and rest they will continue 17 hours. Only the so-called “Group 1” will participate in this second session.

In that first group the following gymnasts will be: Jorge Brunn, Nahuel Manganelli, Marcelo Wiegandt, Paolo Goltz, Lucas Licht, Rodrigo Gallo, Bruno Palazzo, Maximiliano Coronel, José Paradela, Matthias Miranda, Nicolas Contine, Evo Mamini, Antonio Napolitano, Estanislao Jara and Patricio Monte.

On their part in group 2 they are: Nelson Inezfran, Thomas Dorso, Leonardo Morales, Matthias Miloso, Bautista Barros Chilotto, German Jeffrey, Thomas Fernandes, Ignacio Miramon, Matthias Perez Garcia, Brahian Aleman, Leandro Mamout, Sebastian Barros Ramizano, Luxaro Charizano, Franco Torres.

After today’s workout, Gimnasia will again rotate tomorrow with a new double action practice, before you have one shift the day it comes in anticipation of what will happen on Saturday, the day the team will play First friendly As a visitor before Argentines.

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