These are the seven secrets to living healthily, according to holistic medicine

sometimes We would like health to be a simple matter. That the body behaves like a simple two- or three-piece machine, like a toaster for example. So, when you get sick, all you have to do is tighten the loose screw or connect the loose cable. but no We are Toasters, however Very living and complex organismsComplex, perhaps we are not ready to understand it in all its details.

Traditional medicine often It is not possible to prove the relationship between the multiple phenomena that occur in the body, nor between the disease and the patient., which includes the way you live, think or feel. And yet it isTo comprehensive medicine It is distinguished by its focus Caring for the whole person Not in one or some of its parts, and Taking into account your thoughts, emotions and feelingsBecause it is a condition of health.

What is holistic medicine

Holistic is derived from the Greek term Welcome, which means everything. This concept was created in 1926 by Jan Christian Smutsthe biologist and prime minister of South Africa, who said that Living organisms must be studied as a wholeBecause it has properties that do not exist in the parts that make it up.

But it wasn’t even The seventies When the idea It was first applied to medicine. Since then, therapists who consider themselves holistic have been advocating this Health depends on the balance between the emotional, social, physical and spiritual dimensions, and between the person and the environment.

the Philosophy of global health care It imposes itself little by little. Millions of people around the world are becoming increasingly interested Natural remedies.

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It includes the most advanced health centers Personalized treatmentThey prefer sick He is Responsible for his recovery And be aware of the factors that affect your health.

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