These are the new rewards that Xbox added in August to Game Pass Ultimate

Each month, Microsoft enhances its benefits offering to members who pay the most expensive version of the subscription. This month, 5 new rewards have been added.

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If you are a Game Pass Ultimate member, you should know that you have some benefits with your membership that Game Pass Basic or Game Pass Core members do not have. Benefits or “privileges” are free content or tickets to certain games. For example youNa skin, temporary access to a map or similar objects.

Games from Xbox Game Studios usually offer benefits in a consistent way, but the same is not the case with third-party games, which spin bonuses. Fortunately, we have a list of benefits that arrive every month, and August will be no less. So there they go.

New rewards for Game Pass Ultimate members

  • Apex Legends – Fast Shipping Pack: The Resurrection Supercharge Pack includes cheat weapons and legends.
  • Halo Infinite – Hex Bulldog Corrupted: Available through the Xbox PC app. Play 4 hours of Halo Infinite before August 17th to unlock the “Corrupt Hex” overlay.
  • Neverwinter – House Baenre Intrigue Pack: Exclusive package “House Baenre Intrigue”. This package includes the House Baenre Companion Coupon Choice Pack and the Rank 3 Enchantment Choice Pack. Choose from the following House Baenre Coupon Choice Pack options: 100% off one of four facilities in the Zen Marketplace or 1,500 Zen Value of Companion Upgrade Tokens.
  • Overwatch 2: Invasion – Starter Pack for New Heroes: This pack includes instant access to Sojourn, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Ramattra, Lifeweaver and our new hero, Illari. Each of these heroes will come with a legendary skin and other in-game cosmetics.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – August Bonus for Members: Some items to help you. N-Half Scape Dolls (x6) to help revive yourself during intense battles, and Photon Chunks (x50) to strengthen weapons and units.

All these advantages are available for both games in their PC version, as well as for Windows versions.

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