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There are many Argentine artists who have been successful abroad, and have been recognized in different parts of the world. Names like Tini Stossel, Lali Esposito, Maria Becerra, Nikki Nicole, Bizarab or Duki They are circling the length and breadth of the globe, adding more and more fans to their ranks.

Thus, the new generation of singers set trends with their own lyrics and style and were invited to some of the most popular TV shows, such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, in the United States, or El Hormiguero with Pablo Motos, in Spain.

In addition, Tini Stoessel and Lali Espósito are currently touring Europe, while Duki has just confirmed that he will be performing at Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu stadium. For her part, Maria Becerra comes from her breakup with her presentation in La velada del año or with her success in the latest edition of Fast and Furious.

For this reason, the TikTok account has started to investigate how many thousands of dollars you earn with this size. From the profile Qué pasa Salta they have posted the salaries of some of them, such as those of Tini Stoessel, who is having stormy days with her ex-husband.

As revealed by the young appeal Guadalupe FridayA- The Argentine artist earns $80,000 per month and just over $990,000 per year, poor numbers. “Today, it is no less than $80,000 per month and annually requires more than $1.2 million.” Completed if recent months were analyzed.

But the former Violetta is not the one who earns the most. In the case of Nikki Nicole, she has been known to be paid $90,000 per month and over $1.4 million per year, which is truly insane. Dukie outperformed her, earning $92,000 a month and $1.5 a year.

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Among the most successful artists from Argentina are María Becerra and Bizarab. According to the aforementioned TikTok account report, the Argentine girl earns $84,000 per month and $1 million annually, while the famous producer who has recorded with some of the most famous singers in the world earns $163,000. a month and two million dollars annually.

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