These are the highest and lowest paid actors in Hollywood; Tom Cruise in the lead

Wednesday afternoon magazine diverse Share a list actors Cinema best pay Set in 2022, revealing the heads up in the complex world of Hollywood.

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At the top of the list appears nothing more and nothing less than Tom CruiseWhich thanks sequel «Better«, he managed to get a significant amount of 100 million dollars, which made him the actor with the most earnings this year.

What caught the attention of many is that of the 25 names that appeared in the article, only five matched women who excelled on the big screen.

Margot Robbie in the live-action Barbie movie, photographed by Greta Gerwig

they follow will Smith s Leonardo DiCaprio With 35 and 30 million respectively, however, up to 17th place is that women are starting to show themselves. This site is operated by the actress Margot Robbie And 12.5 million earned his role as Barbie In the live action tape of the famous doll, which has not yet been released.

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Shown below is a young Ruby Millie Bobby BrownThe hero of the famous seriesWeird things“But this was not the product that placed him in the eighteenth place in terms of wages, but rather the second part of the”Enola Holmes‘, a project he also shares with him Netflix From which he would have received $10 million.

Up to 22 parking space Emily Blunt The 24 Veteran Actress Jamie Lee Curtis With 4 and 3.5 million in last place is Anya Taylor JoyAnd by 1.8 million for the movie “Furiosa”.

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The list sparked a lot of controversy among the media, who do not consider some of these salaries to be fair, especially Margot who had a major role in the film and being one of the producers, and earned the same salary as he does. Ryan GoslingThe actor who plays Kane in the project.

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