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The sport changed the life of Angela Cardenas Herrera, winner, in 2016, of the Chess Al Parque RCN Championship in the U-16 class, an initiative of RCN Radio and sponsored by Coosalud EPS.

Today, the Cartagena-born young woman is 20 years old and is one of the best students in her college career.

Chess, which celebrated its World Day on July 20, may seem boring to some people, but those who cross the threshold of ignorance of this sport will not be able to give it up later.

This was confirmed by Angela, who, at the age of twenty, learned many children and young people from the neighborhood of El Buzon, southeast of La Heroica, how to play what is known as “scientific sports”.

The Garden Chess Champion, nurtured by Coosalud as a tool for social transformation and the generation of well-being, wants access to anyone who wants to know about the art of moving pawns, bishops, ravens, knights, king, and queen.

“Everyone who comes to our group, we help them to join our team. Here I do tournaments with my friends to teach; and so we help them understand this art, just as they did with us, just as my father did with me,” says Cardenas.

Held annually since 2007, this initiative promotes chess as a highly valuable educational resource for teaching thinking, formulating values, respecting rules, promoting conflict resolution, impulse control and the correct use of time.

Angela is currently studying Nursing as a scholarship student and has the best grades in her degree.

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“I have become very disciplined thanks to this sport. I always try to achieve my goals and everything I have planned to do since I learned sports science in school. In principle, this race was hard for me. But then I decided that I could win the scholarship and I got it with discipline and perseverance. So , as if he helped me become a person who is able to see his own abilities and achieve his goals.”

Likewise, he adds, “None of those who play chess are lost to crime, notwithstanding the ordeals they may go through.”

The King is this hero’s favorite piece and, along with this wooden figure, she has focused on helping herself, her three siblings, her parents, and society in general.

And the hero concluded by saying: “At first glance, this sport seems boring, but when you understand it and begin to practice it, something incredible awakens in you, as if you would not want to leave it.”

Year after year hundreds of people register to be part of Chess Al Parque RCN and more and more cities in the country are joining this exemplary and challenging initiative, which gives them the opportunity to start creating a new life story through its participants.

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