The woman behind the series “My Stuffed Kingdom” is suing Netflix: this is what she is asking for in compensation

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Fiona HarveyA Scottish national and the main source of the series My stuffed reindeerA lawsuit was filed against Netflix Alleging defamation, intentional emotional abuse, neglect, and violation of his right to privacy, he is demanding compensation of no less than $170 million. The complaint was filed last Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Harvey confirms that the character Martha is in the series My stuffed reindeer, played by Jessica Gunning, was quoted as saying that the streaming platform had spread “monstrous lies”. According to what was reported by various media outlets, the lawsuit explained that she was falsely accused of being a stalker who was convicted on two occasions and of sexually assaulting her. Richard JuddSeries maker.

In an official statement, Netflix representatives confirmed that they will firmly defend Jad's right to tell his story. Gad, who was not included as a defendant in the complaint, limited himself to referring to previous statements by Netflix reported by several sources. The opening episode of “Stuffed Reindeer” begins with the phrase “This is a true storyHowever, Harvey's lawsuit calls this statement “the biggest lie in the history of television,” accusing Netflix and Gadd of spreading such lies for financial gain and destroying his reputation and personal life.

The series, based on Gadd's solo play which was performed at the Edinburgh Festival, was released worldwide on 11 April and quickly achieved widespread popularity. My stuffed reindeer He tells how Donnie Dan, a fictionalized version of Gad, tries to transition from bartender to comedian while dealing with a stalker named Martha. Although Gad claimed in interviews that he edited out the identifying details of the real Martha, netizens quickly linked Harvey to the character, various news platforms point out. His identification, according to the lawsuit, was facilitated by Harvey's frequent interactions with Gad on social media and the coincidence of certain phrases used in the series.

Baby Reindeer has become one of the most acclaimed series. Photo: EG Nava Mao

Harvey had publicly stated on the Piers Morgan Show that he was considering legal action against Gad and Netflix, denied sending the 41,000 emails depicted in the series and called the production “overblown”. The lawsuit includes a request for actual damages of at least $50 million, an additional $50 million for mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life and work, $50 million for all profits derived from My Stuffed Reindeer, and $20 million in punitive damages. Not counting legal expenses.

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Harvey's case is not isolated. In recent days, Netflix also reached a settlement with Linda Fairstein, the former prosecutor in the Central Park Five case, over a defamation lawsuit related to the docuseries. When they see us. On this occasion, the platform agreed to donate $1 million to the Innocence Project and add a disclaimer at the beginning of the series. The context and nature of these lawsuits highlight the growing challenges streaming platforms face in producing factual content. The conflict between the right to freedom of expression and individual rights is increasingly evident in this type of litigation.

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