The former British Home Secretary asks the Conservatives to include Farage

he Conservative PartyLed by the British Prime Minister Rishi SunakHe lives his lowest hours. the Early general elections We are close behind, and opinion polls predict a landslide victory for the party Labor Party led by Keir Starmer. The emergence of the architect of Brexit Nigel FarageBefore Reform UKIt has made the outlook for the Conservatives worse, which is why there are already some voices in the party calling for Farage to be included.

Former British Home Secretary, Suella BravermanHe assured his party that it was time to “unite the right” and that “there is not much difference” between Farage's policy and Labour's policy. Conservativesaccording to the post times. Braverman called on conservatives to adopt a more open attitude towards the party leader Reform UKWhich last week dealt a severe blow to the campaign Conservative Party When announcing his candidacy for membership in Parliament.

“In the future, we need to find a way to work together because there should not be big differences between us,” he said. “I would like to welcome Nigel to the Conservative Party. “There's not much difference between it and many of the policies we advocate.”

In this same line, Braverman “We are a broad church, we should be a welcoming and inclusive party, and if someone supports the party, which is a prerequisite, and wants to be elected Conservative, they should be welcome,” he said.

the Sunak's popularity The country has witnessed a sharp decline in recent days, after criticism for abandoning Easter celebrations early 80th anniversary of the Normandy landingsTo attend a television interview, within the framework of the election campaign. The opposition seized the opportunity to demand his resignation, but the British Prime Minister remains steadfast in the race towards victory 10 Downing Street.

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“I will not stop fighting, I will not stop fighting for the votes of the people, I will not stop fighting for the future of our country,” the Conservative leader said Monday. despite of, Snack He admitted that he made a “mistake.” “After the British event in Normandy, I returned to… United kingdom. Thinking about it, it was a mistake not to stay longer France “I apologize,” the British Prime Minister wrote last Friday on his X account, previously Twitter.

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