The seventh edition of the Medical and Dental Exhibition will be held

FASTA University will organize a new open day for all those interested in medical and dental careers. The Medical Fair will be held on Wednesday, June 12 at 5pm, while the Dental Fair will be held on Thursday, June 13, also at 5pm. Both will be held at SAM headquarters (Avellaneda 3341).

At the exhibition, those interested will be able to participate in an informative conversation about both professions with authorities, professors and graduates in the same field. In addition, you will be able to know all the details of the admission course, study plan and necessary information about the degree and university.

To get to know all the facilities up close, attendees will take 360-degree tours of the university, where they will see all the equipment and specialized spaces with the latest technologies, such as the Medical Simulation Center and the University Dental Center.

Medicine Fair: Activities
– Auscultation of the patient: You will learn to listen to the sounds made by the lungs and heart.
– All about CPR: You will learn how to perform CPR with your hands, and the techniques and steps to follow.
– 360 degree tour: You will discover all the facilities available at the College of Medical Sciences.
-I know the beginning of life. Everything you wanted to know and didn't ask.
-We tell you about our first practical experience in the community.

Dental Exhibition: Activities
-Learn dental anatomy. From the laboratory to 3D applications and virtual reality: You will be able to interact with materials from our anatomical preparations laboratory and 3D dental anatomy software.
-Dental simulation workshop: Activities will be carried out in the dental simulation center.
-Workshop on dental prevention techniques: Different methods of oral health care will be practiced and they will learn about the prevention programs implemented by our students in the community.
-University Dental Center: You will learn about the operation of the place where students usually carry out patient care practices.

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To register or for more information, go to the following link

Registration for dentistry and medicine at UFASTA is now open

FASTA University announces the opening of admissions for dental and medical posts for the 2025 session under the personal method. Both professions have a compulsory entry course that will be taught starting in August 2024.

The FASTA undergraduate dental program was opened in mid-2018, becoming a milestone for both the university and the city, as it is a unique offer in Mar del Plata and the region. Last year, the first 10 dentists trained in the city were received. The certificate contains a theoretical and practical course with patient care for 5 years.

The activities take place in the San Alberto Magno building of the FASTA University, whose facilities contain the latest technological equipment that allows optimal development of professionals: the University Dental Center and the Dental Simulation Room are two examples.

On the other hand, the medicine program has more than 300 medical graduates so far. The university's spaces, in turn, are equipped with the latest technologies, such as microscope and simulation rooms, a doctor's office, and laboratories. It is worth noting that a virtual tour of all facilities can be taken through a “360 degree tour”, which is an option to explore the real view of each area in 3D.

For more information, contact [email protected] or go to

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