The WEBB telescope spotted the heart of a planet in deep space


The James Webb Telescope continues to reveal the secrets of the universe.

Discovery is “almost impossible.”

To highlight the importance Discovery, Research author David Singh explained: “Looking inside a planet hundreds of light-years away seems almost impossible, but when you know the mass, radius, atmospheric composition and internal temperature, you have all the pieces you need to get an idea of ​​what's inside and how heavy that core is.”


The exoplanet has been a mystery to scientists.

The exoplanet has been a mystery to scientists.

he Exoplanet Located 200 light-years away, WASP-107 has already made headlines in the past due to its special consistency, which scientists have compared to cotton candy.

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Until the new one arrived Discovery, Scientists suspect that this property is due to a heat source inside it, which seems certain. “The planet has a hot core, and this source of heat changes the chemistry of the gases deep down, but it also drives this powerful thermal mixing that is rising from within,” noted Zafar Rustamkulov, who was part of the study. “.

What the team wants to determine now is what remains hot planet core, They hope to find forces similar to those that drive tides on Earth.

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