US praise for reforms promoted by Miley: 'It generates optimism in companies'

President Javier Miley launched a series of economic reforms that were praised by the United States (photo by Franco Favasoli)

Chargé d'Affaires of the United States Embassy in Argentina, Abigail DresselHe stated that the economic reforms launched by President Javier Miley “generate optimism” in his country's business community, and stressed the need for a “legal and regulatory framework that provides a predictable investment climate.”

Dressel spoke at a conference organized by the Center for American Studies (CEA), headed by Luis Savino, who stated that “never before in the history of relations between the United States and Argentina have bilateral ties witnessed such a deep intensity as this is happening these days.” In the meeting that took place at the Argentine Engineers Center, in which informationThe diplomat made a presentation that addressed various areas of bilateral interest, including trade relations, foreign policy, and cooperation in various fields.

The framework of his presentation was the new phase that began in the relationship between Argentina and the United States with the arrival of Miley to the presidency of the nation. Vice President of A diplomatic mission headed by Ambassador Mark Stanley She highlighted the results of the meeting held last week between Secretary of State Diana Mondino, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, among other senior officials who received her in Washington.

Chargé d'Affaires of the US Embassy Abigail Dressel and Director of the Center for American Studies Louis Savino

In this regard, he highlighted that Secretary Blinken “applauded Argentina’s leadership regarding its commitment to Ukraine” and that “they both affirmed their determination to maintain the dialogue on energy security and to include Argentina in the Mineral Security Partnership Forum.” “All these commitments to continued increased cooperation remind me of the deep historical ties and shared values ​​that underpin our relationship. The relationship is more than 200 years old, and it is a partnership built on mutual respect, democratic principles, and a commitment to improving the lives of our people.

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The Deputy Head of Mission stressed that Secretary Blinken indicated last week that “we will soon launch a high-level dialogue over the next year. This dialogue reflects our strong and growing relationship on a wide range of issues: democracy, human rights, stability and economic growth, science and technology, and cultural and educational cooperation.” , among many other issues. It is a dialogue that will complement and create a framework for our strong alliance that contributes to global peace and development.

In addition, Dressel pointed to the arrival of the aircraft carrier George Washington last week, which is considered a new example of harmony between the two governments in the United States. The official said in response to a question: “It will be a historic visit.” information He added: “This visit, like the visit we recently made from the Coast Guard, represents the strength of the relationship. “It is a symbol of that relationship and the importance that we and the Argentine government also attach to this relationship.”

The aircraft carrier George Washington will arrive in the Argentine Sea next week

Regarding the highlights of the exhibition, Abigail Dressel said: “On the economic front, ongoing reforms are generating optimism among US companies, although many will wait to see more results before changing course. A legal and regulatory framework is needed that provides a predictable investment climateAbigail Dressel said in her opening remarks to foreign affairs experts, academics, judges and journalists.

The Chargé d'Affairs stressed, “When speaking with American companies, they currently feel that there is positive progress, but today there are some obstacles.” For example, the government often says that it wants to lift restrictions and foreign companies also want them to be lifted. “This is clearly an obstacle,” the diplomat at the Argentine Engineers Center said.

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Although he admitted that Javier Miley's government “cannot change things immediately, it feels that there is progress and that there are positive steps.”

“The government has realized that there are reforms that need to be done, and they are doing so, but there will be no immediate results. Yes, inflation has come down and there are some positive signs, but it is a process that will not be immediate and American companies see it that way as well. In fact, most American companies It has been in Argentina for a long time and has a long-term commitment.

He noted that Secretary Blinken made the same proposal when he met with Chancellor Mondino: “We applaud the difficult reforms and know that there is still a way to go regarding reforms.”

The Chargé d'Affaires also declared that she is “very proud of the recently signed Memorandum of Intent between the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United States Department of State on Cooperation to Promote Equality and Inclusion” because it represents “a symbol of our shared belief in protecting human rights and creating a more just and inclusive society.”

President of Argentina Javier Miley, Commander of US Southern Command Laura Richardson, along with US Ambassador to Argentina Mark Stanley, and Argentine Defense Minister Luis Petri. (Photo of the Argentine Presidency)

The Chargé d'Affaires of the United States Embassy stated that they have “a great interest in cooperating with Argentina in the Antarctic region” and clarified that her country, directly or through its companies, is not building an intermodal base in Tierra del Fuego, a version which emerged with the arrival of the Commander-in-Chief. Southern Gen. Laura Richardson.

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“It is clear that our dialogue recognizes Argentina's strategic position with regard to Antarctica and we cooperate on several things, and we have a fairly smooth dialogue in this area. We are interested in this area because it is strategic, so if the Panama Canal is cut, how will ships pass through the area? Richardson) to think about these strategic issues and strengthen relevant relations. “Both Chile and Argentina are at the top of the continent,” he said.

In this sense, he considered that “despite the geopolitical and strategic aspect, we have many Americans who travel to Antarctica. The number of Americans who go on cruises and do tourism is impressive. “We have many geopolitical interests, but we also have to care about North Americans who visit us for tourism.”

Finally, Abigail Dressel highlighted the purchase of F-16s from Denmark “because it represents a great step to modernize the Argentine Armed Forces, defend Argentine interests, and increase interoperability with the major democracies of NATO.”

“In recent years, our cooperation has become stronger, driven by our joint efforts to address global challenges and promote sustainable development. “Over the years and with different governments, the United States has maintained strong cooperation with Argentina.”

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