The way in WhatsApp to see if a contact is tracking my location in real time

WhatsApp location in real time. (Photo: iSenaCode)

Sometimes people share files Real time location On The WhatsApp For business, security or to make an appointment with someone faster, but not in all cases this information is used correctly.

After that, Infobae will appear How do you know if one of your contacts has this access and tracks your every move.

Before starting, it is necessary to explain The difference between the current location and the real-time WhatsApp location: The first point is a fixed point, exactly when it was sent; The second, it will let the sender know where the person who shared their location is headed to, as if it was a file Global Positioning System Moving.

When it comes to real-time location sharing, you can choose up to three options: The location is known at least every second 15 minutes, 1 hour or even 8 hours. If either of the last two methods are chosen, anyone can follow your movements without your knowledge.

WhatsApp location in real time.  (Photo: Engadget Android)
WhatsApp location in real time. (Photo: Engadget Android)

How to find out if someone is following or if they have a personal location in real time by WhatsApp

– First, make sure of it WhatsApp has no pending updates On Google Play Store From Android or App Store From iOS.

Now, open the app and tap on the three vertical dots icon present in the top right corner.

– In the case of iPhones, touch File SettingsCan be set with cogwheel or gear symbol.

– Now access to sections Settings > Account > Privacy.

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Here, click on the section location in real time.

– All people with whom the location has been shared will appear in real time, This means that these contacts know where you are at all times.

– You just have to click on the red button labeled stop sharing And voila, the site will disappear automatically.

Stop sharing your WhatsApp location in real time.  (Photo: Christian DVE Blog)
Stop sharing your WhatsApp location in real time. (Photo: Christian DVE Blog)

Finally, if you have a problem with WhatsApp and need to report it, you can send an email to their contact email address: [email protected] or [email protected]. The same order can also be made from A Iphone Through the exclusive service for iOS.

How to know who your partner or friends talk to the most on WhatsApp

Each user has chat Preferably with people who talk the most, however, the latter may spark some curiosity.

goal Ensures that conversations between users End-to-end encrypted; who – which This means that no one, not even the dead, can see the content of the chats.

However, some users have found a way to discover who their partner, friend, or someone else is talking to the most. This way, even though they might not be able to see the conversations, they’ll be able to see who they’re spending more time with. program.

Find out who is talking to him on WhatsApp.  (Photo: a couple)
Find out who is talking to him on WhatsApp. (Photo: a couple)

It should be noted that there is no need to download a second application. Yes in deed , Owning the other person’s cell phone for a few minutes requires:

– First you have to make sure that you have The latest version of the appIf you don’t have it, you can download it from the App Store (App Store or Play Store).

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-Open the app and go to Settings.

-Log in to Storage and data.

-There you will see a tab Space management.

– A list of all the people your partner or friend talks to will be displayed in order.

– They will all vary in size due to videos or photos shared by users. probably Where you have the most common files She is more than I talk to.

It should be noted that this trick can be misleading It is complicated because it requires a few minutes with the other person’s mobile phone. Then, It is probably best to ask directly before entering this WhatsApp profile.

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