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At long last, at the end of 2018 finally The WhatsApp Included the ability to send attachments in their chats. Since then, the tool has evolved to the point where you can The WhatsApp-the-final-guide-to-use-the-sticker-maker-with-any-photo-20211126-0050.html “target=”_blank”>Create your own photos And now the job is too Available on WhatsApp Web.

After the last update, The WhatsApp-web-already-works-though-your-phone-is-off-how-to-activate-20211105-0017.html “target=”_blank”> The WhatsApp web and The WhatsApp-web-o- The WhatsAppDesktop – which one is better – 20210819-0050.html “target=”_blank”> The WhatsApp Desktop for WindowsYou can create your stickers in the desktop version of the instant messaging platform Properties dead.

This is an optionn Fully original, so you don’t need to install anything or use other apps. In addition, this option allows you to take advantage of the larger computer screen size compared to a cell phone. and later, You can save them to your favorites and use them whenever you want from the phone.

The interface of this builder is very simpleSo it is an affordable process and you don’t need any requirement to activate it and this function can be used from any chat window.

How to make stickers using WhatsApp Web?

  • To create and share stickers The WhatsApp In the web version, you need to open a conversation and click on the attach icon (in the form of a clip), just as if we were going to upload a video or photo to the platform.
  • A new blue button will appear, and when you click on it, the app will ask us to attach a photo.
  • After loading it, a small editor will open where you can adjust the size and rotation, in addition there are several tools that allow you to cut the frame, add text, emoji and even add other stickers to our creation. The latter also has the possibility to change its size and location.
  • Finally, there will be a cast option.
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Once you send the sticker, It will be saved and can be sent to other contacts. From that moment on, it will already be available on your smartphone in the “Recent stickers” tab. Finally, creations can also be saved by other users.

At the moment, the job Only JPG and PNG files are allowed, so there are no animated stickers, and if you try to attach a sticker to this format, it stays static.

So you can create stickers in . format The WhatsApp web.

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