The US government believes that Tesla should change the name of its semi-autonomous driving system

Driver riding hands-free in Tesla Motors Inc.’s Model S. and equipped with autopilot hardware and software in New York, United States on Monday, September 9. 19, 2016. The latest overhaul of the car’s operating system, known as Tesla 8.0, the biggest change is how Autopilot is shifting toward a greater reliance on radar than a camera to guide a car through traffic. Photographer: Christopher Goodney/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It may be because The utensils of modern lifeBut today, getting an electronic device and wanting to test all its functions as soon as you have the first contact with it is almost inevitable. Perhaps the technology itself also affects, which has developed the famous in an attempt to make life easier for users intuitive systems In such a way that it is very easy to understand its operation. People, in general, no longer read the user manual As it has happened at other times, against which nothing can be done.

These types of situations are also problematic. In the case of cars, it has already been proven that despite the initial intention to develop Driving assistance (ADAS) To improve the active safety of modern vehicles, many motorists Delegate the core responsibility of driving to machines A car, confident that artificial intelligence will be responsible for maintaining the lane, distance with other vehicles, constant speed, and checking the environment.

One of the precursors of highly advanced driving aids that pursues autonomous vehicle driving as its ultimate goal Tesla. First he did it with his system Autopilot Then with the current Full Self Driving (FSD)a very advanced development that brought the help of Level 2 to the current Level 2 Plus, which is not only considered a Level 3 because the homologation that would allow them to make it official does not exist.

FILE PHOTO: An ad promoting Tesla Autopilot is seen in a showroom of US automaker Tesla in Zurich, Switzerland on March 28, 2018. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann/File Photo

The big question is why do you like other brands Honda in Japan, or Mercedes-Benz in Germany and in some states such as Nevada in the United States. Yes they succeeded and Tesla no. The answer lies in the number of accidents the brand’s cars drive Elon Musk They suffered from not having a driver in charge of their models’ controls.

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“I don’t think something should be called upon, for example, Autopilot, when the fine print says you should keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road at all times,” said the Transport Secretary. Buttigieg House, in an interview with the Associated Press (AP). Executive Director who is under his control National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) It says it is concerned about the commercialization of Tesla’s system, which is under investigation by more than 30 accidents since 2016 have caused at least 14 deaths.

Buttigieg said the Department of Transportation Tesla or any other company will be held accountable for compliance with federal safety standards. “I see this as something where it’s very important to be very objective. But any time a company does something wrong or a car needs a recall or the design isn’t safe, we’ll be there.”

A Tesla is seen crashing into the back of an unmanned fire truck, in Culver City, California, U.S. Jan. 22, 2018. Photo taken Jan. 22, 2018. Culver City Fire Department / via REUTERS This image was provided by a third party.

In the aforementioned interview, Buttigieg said so Self-driving vehicles have huge potential to reduce the approximately 40,000 road deaths that occur each year in the United States. But he also said the technology was untested and “far from automatic even if that were its potential”.

These statements contradict those made by Elon Musk himself a few weeks ago, which he will present this Tuesday to the annual meeting of investors where the continuation of CEOs will be voted on. The South African pole said so “The trend is very clear towards fully autonomous driving, and I hesitate to say this, but I think we will do it this year.”pointed out.

FILE PHOTO: Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks about new Autopilot features during a Tesla event in Palo Alto, Calif. October 14, 2015. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach/File Photo

In February this year, 363,000 Teslas had to be pulled off the streets or disabled from using the FSD system due to failures found in the NHTSA in situations such as going straight around a corner while traveling in a lane designated for a right turn, running a yellow light without proper caution, or not responding to changes in directional speed limits posted on traffic lights.

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“Both external bodies, states and other regulatory entities on the marketing side, as well as ourselves from a vehicle safety perspective, we always pay attention. No car for sale today can drive itself.” Buttigieg said.

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