The Belifans issued a new bill of 2,000 pesos

Those who went before the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) Issue Manager, Alejandro SaidThey were fans of the singer Belinda. They tell us that a new bill of 2000 pesos is circulating on social networks. It is a piece born from the ingenuity of the Pelivan. They tell us that the unit bears the alleged signature of the singer and actress with the name of Rahi, the self-name she gave in an interview with a Spanish media. Among other details, the words “Santa Belinda de los amores” appear at the top, in the center to the right an image of her face with a crown and to the left the eye of Sapito’s interpreter. His name is in block letters all the way across the ticket and below another catchphrase he made famous at La Voz: “Winning as always”.

They tell us that at the recent Ordinary National Congress of the Regional Mexican Confederation of Workers (CROM), the general manager of Infonavit, Carlos Martinez, and promised support to reduce the tax burden and permits to build houses and apartments, in addition to reducing land costs for the benefit of the working class. To achieve this, it will work in cooperation with the sectoral leadership of the workers headed by Mario Macías Robles, to develop projects that are accessible to workers. This initiative is expected to help reduce Mexico’s housing deficit, which amounts to 9 million homes. They remind us that since 2018, the prices of houses and apartments with mortgages have doubled.

We learned that on Tuesday, at a meeting in the National Palace, the President’s Economic Advisory Council Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He endorsed the CEO’s remarks that the Mexican economy is doing very well. Hours earlier, at the morning conference, the president reported that he met last Thursday Carlos Slim is sweet, who also shared his vision. In yesterday’s meeting were businessmen like dDaniel Chavez Moran, from Vedanta; Miguel Rincon, from Pew Papel; German Laria, of Grupo México; Bernardo Gomez from Televisa. Charles Hankof Banorte, and Alejandro Belleris, from Grupo Bal. However, they remind us that despite the positive comments, the specialists point out that the real challenge to the economy will emerge in the second half of the year, as risks persist such as a potential recession in the US and inflation remains high. .

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On the Special Initiative, we’re told that the Chair of the Council for Business Coordination (CCE) this week, Francisco Cervantes, to Washington to meet business organizations in the United States (EU) and Canada. He met with the Canadian Business Council Special Adviser, Louise Blaise and President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Susan Clark. The head of the CCE called on businessmen to take advantage of industrial relocation, although they told us that their counterparts were skeptical about changes in the energy sector and weeks ago, in the mining sector.

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