The United States is the only place in the world where hunting dinosaurs is allowed legally.

Utah in the United States is the only state that extends dinosaur hunting licenses

Dinosaurs have become very ferocious animals and a good example of this is Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dinosaurs became extinct 66 million years ago, but they are still a part of us in one way or another. Movies, documentaries and games make us feel close to them. You can even hunt them if they are present. This is the situation, One US state allows dinosaur hunting legally and sells official licenses.

Over millions of years there were many types of dinosaurs. The Mesozoic era was full of them, and they were extremely dangerous that could easily destroy us. Today, the fossil remains of these animals are scattered around the world. Specifically in the United States there are many fossils, and more specifically in Utah. Many species are found here.

It is possible to hunt dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park

This large number of dinosaur skeletons and fossils has turned some areas of Utah into a tourist commercial area. Everyone loves seeing dinosaurs, but hunting them? In Vernal, a city in this state, It began issuing licenses to hunt dinosaurs officially in 1951. All this after there were around 60,000 tourists a year in the area.

Licenses are purchased from approved sites and are organized so that no one misses out. For example, we have permission to “stalk, chase, shoot, kill, and remove a dinosaur from the specified area.” However, we must keep this in mind You can only hunt one male T. rexa diplodocus weighing at least 5,000 pounds, two male stegosaurus and finally four pterodactyls (although these are not dinosaurs).

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Although dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago, anyone knows if we could one day find a lost world if we wandered across Utah. Jokes aside, the license is taken annually by many people as an authentic tourist attraction. The truth is that nothing like it is known in other parts of the world..

Today this type of initiative can be controversial, since hunting activity is constantly debated. However, we think it is a good idea to attract curious people to come to Utah and discover the exciting world of dinosaurs. Some of the most famous species lived in North America during the Cretaceous period Such as Triceraptus and Tyrannosaurus.

If in the future scientists could clone dinosaurs again like in the movie Jurassic Park (1994) Maybe the season will openYes, you must have your license in your wallet for everything to be fine. As IFLScience says.

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