The United States agrees with Iraq to withdraw all of its combat forces

Ten years after the first withdrawal, Joe Biden will once again get US combat forces out of Iraq. Only an unspecified size unit will remain in the Arab Republic, exclusively to train and advise the Iraqi army, to cooperate in the fight against the embers of the Islamic State (ISIS).

The news came yesterday in a joint statement by the two countries ’foreign ministries, after the strategic dialogue held by video conference between their addresses, Fouad Hussein Baki and Anthony Blinken. Washington added that the affected combat forces “will be redeployed outside Iraq,” which did not clarify their destination or timetable.

Al-Sahhaf confirmed that “Baghdad and Washington have agreed that there will be no American forces fighting in Iraq.” And he determined that all of the remnants of the United States and the rest of the foreign forces are still there Iraq – like the Spaniards – should remain in the country only if they are incorporated into bases run by the Baghdad government with the sole aim of cooperating in the fight against ISIS.

Iraq is in command

Baghdad warns that foreign troops who remain in the country to train should do so at bases that are entirely managed by the Iraqi army

After the intense invasion of Iraq in 2003, the US military had practically withdrawn completely in 2011, but Barack Obama decided to return after three years, to lead the international coalition against ISIS, which occupied several areas on horseback. Eastern and northern Syria. Iraq.

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Although the false caliphate was defeated in 2017, the foreign alliance has remained in various bases in the country, although their number has decreased dramatically in the past twelve months.

The countdown began with the drone attack ordered by Donald Trump in January of last year, which ended the lives of Qassem Soleimani – the Iranian general – and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis – the commander of the Iraqi militia – as well as eight other fighters supported by Iran. , Which was no less decisive in defeating ISIS.

After several millimeters of Iranian retaliation against US bases – no fatalities – popular anger against the violation of American sovereignty led to the Iraqi parliament’s unanimous demand for the departure of all foreign forces. After increasing militia attacks against his bases, Donald Trump reduced the number of American soldiers to 2,500, on the cusp of his departure. Ultimately, Biden chooses to revert to the semblance of the status quo in 2011.

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