The United Nations has withdrawn most of its staff, the International Monetary Fund has banned funds, and Human Rights Watch is on alert

After seizing power before TalibanAnd Afghanistan begins to suffer Feedback from all over the world: from the freezing of funds from International Monetary Fund, through the transfer of employees United nations (United Nations), until confirmed requests for Human Rights Watch So that human rights.

First, one hundred UN staff in Afghanistan were transferred to Kazakhstan As a “temporary measure” given the situation in the country due to the fall of the government against the Taliban.

A group of UN staff travels from Kabul to Almaty in Kazakhstan, where They will continue to work remotelyA spokesperson for the Secretary-General of the United Nations reported, Stephane Dujarric, during a press conference.

As he explained, it is a measure by which the United Nations is expected to “continue to assist the people of Afghanistan with minimal disruption”, while “Risks to individuals are reduced“.

“Distance Existence” Will provide close support “The United Nations family is working on the ground in Afghanistan,” he added.

Citizens are trying to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power. Photo EFE

Then he confirmed thatStaff will return to Afghanistan if conditions permit“.

Last Monday, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made it clear that the “UN presence in Afghanistan” would be adjusted. for the security situation.

In parallel, the International Monetary Fund announced that the new government of Afghanistan You will not be able to access backup assets and other resources Starting next week, in an effort to prevent the Taliban from seizing new money while clarifying the political situation in the Asian country.

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As the agency explained, “not clear” In the international community regarding the recognition of the future Afghan government.

“As always, the IMF is guided by The views of the international communityA spokesman said in a message picked up by Bloomberg.

Like other countries, it was scheduled to receive Afghanistan on Monday 455 million dollars (about 390 million euros) Special Drawing Rights redeemable for cash. As it already happened Venezuela NS BurmaAfghanistan will receive the assets, but not in reality You can control it or exchange it for any currency.

Human Rights Watch in Alert

no ong Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch) reported that, so far, the Taliban have offered only “vague words” regarding respect for freedoms and human rights in Afghanistan, which they have been urged to publicly adhere to. Compliance with applicable treaties and to allow the presence of the United Nations and independent international observers.

Human Rights Watch Asia director of campaigns John Sifton believes that the “Taliban” They need to demonstrate their commitment to human rights through actions“.

Aware of the risks they are exposed to, he added, “Gaining the trust of the nation and the world will require the Taliban authorities across the country to respect the human rights of all.” Vulnerable groups such as womenor government officials or foreign military collaborators.

José Miguel Vivanco, Latin America director at Human Rights Watch

José Miguel Vivanco, Latin America director at Human Rights Watch

In fact, Human Rights Watch and other organizations have collected information on Alleged extrajudicial executions by the Taliban in recent weeks.

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The head of Human Rights Watch considers it “essential” for the United Nations to be able to put in place a mechanism for it Investigating human rights in Afghanistan Public reporting of the real situation.

For its part, the Human Rights Council is scheduled to meet urgently next Tuesday and Human Rights Watch hopes that a resolution will be adopted that opens the door to an investigation.

with information from agencies.


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