The United Kingdom announces the shipment of “hundreds” of missiles to Ukraine to defend itself from the recent Russian bombing

The United Kingdom authorities announced on Friday that they had sent “hundreds” of missiles to Ukraine to defend themselves from the Russian bombing of several cities in the past few hours, including the capital, Kiev, of which about 30 remain so far. One dead and more than 160 wounded. British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said after the “deadly air strikes” launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin that “the United Kingdom is moving quickly to strengthen Ukraine's air defense.” The Minister of Defense indicated in his account on the X website that “hundreds of British-made air defense missiles will go to Ukraine to ensure that it has what it needs to defend itself from Putin’s barbaric bombing.” On Friday, Russia launched a series of attacks on several sites. Ukrainian cities, such as Kiev and Zaporizhia, where the highest number of deaths were recorded, with nearly ten each. Other cities, such as Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv or Kharkiv, were also bombed. The Ukrainian authorities highlighted the unprecedented impact of these attacks, a thesis that was also followed by US President Joe Biden, who described it as the “largest air attack” since the beginning of the invasion more than 22 years ago. months ago. . The Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zaluzny, explained that the Russian forces fired 158 missiles, including missiles of various types and drones. But he indicated that they were able to neutralize 87 cruise missiles and 27 drones.

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