He wanted to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain but he made an incredible mistake and incurred the loss of the millionaire

tiktoker traveled to Rome With his family he visited the legendary Fontana di Trevi To flip a coin and make a wish come true. However, when he threw it, His cell phone flew toward the fountain. The sequence went viral Tik Tok It received thousands of likes.

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In the account @cryp_suki He posted the video and made all his followers laugh. The young woman stood with her back to one of the world's most famous monuments with her father and… They decide to flip a coin to make a wish come true.

The user shared the fun moment on the platform. (Video: TikTok/@cryp_suki)

But she forgot that she kept her phone in the room Jacket sleeve The device flew towards the fountain water. “The cell phone had already thrown him away“, commented the mother who was behind the cameras.

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The post received 1.9 million views and 250,000 likes. “A humbling moment, but in RomeOne user commented.Does getting rid of your cell phone make your wishes come true faster or what?Another tiktoker added.Was this a wish or an act of magic?Another follower joked.

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