The UK and the rest of Europe, are better connected

The UK and the rest of Europe – it doesn’t matter what they think, because they are Europeans whether they like it or not – they are closer. And it is not thanks to any tunnel or link to the airport: the fault, if that is what this infrastructure is intended for, lies in the new dark fiber cable that crosses the English Channel via eurotunnel And that’s a company called pistol.

What is dark fiber?

Nobody is afraid, because it is not strange at all: Proverb dark fibres These fiber optic circuits are defined that a company or department deploys and does not use immediately and which serves as a backup for failures or occasional surges in data transmission needs. He does nothing Ministry of Defense Allowing Telefónica to deploy an infrastructure of this type.

quantum leap

With the new cable laid across the English Channel, Colt guarantees data transmission at the speeds of 100Gbps / 400Gbps, which is what technologies such as artificial intelligence or augmented reality require. As of today, 80% of the data traffic that is traded between Europe and the UK does so via the Eurotunnel. Headquartered in London, Colt Technology Services has nothing to do with revolvers: it’s really just an acronym. Specifically, those of London Telecom.

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