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In his opinion, it is necessary to de-exaggerate dealings with Chile and turn Bolivia into a trade link, via a corridor, between Brazil and China.

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Jaime Paz with Eduardo Fray Ruiz Tagle in Chile

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Former President Jaime Paz Zamora of Chile has suggested resuming diplomatic relations With that country, without “wasting time” to do business and get to the long-awaited sea.

Paz Zamora spoke of the dual command in cDiscussion organized by Andres Bello University The neighboring country last Friday in the so-called “Global Dialogues” session to address the value of democracy, politics, international relations and economics, among others.

“Let’s not waste time, let’s negotiate with Chile for access to the sea. It is time to resume diplomatic relations now,” said the former president in touch with Aldeber after his recent participation in the event moderated by the former Undersecretary of State, Carolina Valdivia.

In his opinion, it is necessary to de-amplify dealing with the neighboring country and turn Bolivia into a trade association, Across a corridor between Brazil and China.

The former Bolivian president shared the conversation with the former Chilean president, Eduardo Fray Ruiz Tagle, who was one of the invited guests by Andrés Bello University.

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“We live and sleep in both countries, back to back, see each other’s faces and don’t talk. So let’s not waste any more time and do business,” insisted Paz Zamora, who ruled the country between 1989 and 1993.

Another piece of information provided by the previous authority is that Chile has become, at 25%, the second country that sends the most dollar remittances into the country due to the presence of a large Bolivian community that lives and works.

Spain remains first and then there is the United States and other countries.

“If there are Bolivians who carry out an integration process based on business and their work in Chilean territory, it is almost a mandate of what the Bolivian people want,” said Jaime Paz.

fountain: duty

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