The three best documentaries you can watch on Netflix

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Everyone knows the best series and movies to be found Netflix. Even on the same platform, a list appears, which is responsible for arranging it according to popularity and importance. However, there is also a third category that not many people take into consideration, but which, in the same way, can provide many worthwhile stories: documentaries. Therefore, in this report we focus on highlighting the three that seem to us the best, unless that is personal taste.

Wild, wild country

Wild, wild country. fountain. (Twitter)

A sectarian group settles in the Oregon desert, USA, and establishes a city in honor of its famous leader, Osho. From that moment on, the lives of the people of Wasco County change in the worst possible way. It consists of only six episodes, so it can be watched in the afternoon without major problems.

Jim and Andy

Jim and Andy. Source: (Twitter)

Narrated by Jim Carrey, it focuses on one of the most difficult and bizarre moments of his life: what happened during the filming of “Man on the Moon,” Andy Kaufman’s biopic. On that occasion, the comedian was faced with the difficult task of explaining the person who was his mentor, a situation that eventually led to an outbreak that made him believe they were in fact the same person.

“100 days with Tata”

100 days with Tata. Source: (Netflix)

Miguel Angel Muñoz, who directs the film, is spending the quarantine period with his great-aunt, Luisa Cantero, who is 95 years old. In the documentary, which also included live material on social networks, you can see the daily life of the cohabitant and the way they go through such a difficult time, as well as a lot of thoughts, fears and anxieties that accompany it. Surrounded by.

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