The summer course will reflect the interdependence of art, science and nature

It will take place from July 10-14 at ULE, MUSAC, and the Cerezales Foundation and will address artistic and technical interdependence, and interdisciplinary languages.

Possible relationships between art, science and nature will be a subject of reflection and study in a summer course at the University of Lyon (ULE) within its 2023 programme, offered under the title “Bioart”. This training proposal will take place from 10 to 14 July in various venues of the Faculties of Education, Biological and Environmental Sciences of ULE, in MUSAC (Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León), and in the Cerezales Antonino y Cinia Foundation.

Marta Eva García González and Estrella Alvaro Saez, Director and Curator of the LEB Herbarium at ULE, moderate this seminar, which offers 25 places and has a duration of 37.5 hours. The two professors emphasize that the main objectives are to introduce participants to the concepts of relationships between art, nature, science and society, through conferences and workshops with a prominent practical methodology. In this way, artistic and experimental uses of interdisciplinary processes, technologies and languages ​​will be demonstrated, as well as collaborations with professionals from other disciplines (natural sciences, biology, etc.).

People who participate in “Bioart” will have the opportunity to learn about the methodology, terminology, materials, tools, and tools related to scientific illustration and other disciplines that relate to nature and art, and they will also be informed about the different projects, examples, and directions that connect art, nature, and science. For this, in the different scenarios in which the symposium will take place, a series of workshops on botanical illustration and nature, talks on the ecology of images and concrete experiences in science and art and some collaborative projects such as EducArte, from the artist Carlos Quinlas. The idea is to contribute to the understanding that artistic manifestations are conditioned by the natural, scientific, social and cultural environment and the functional, symbolic, aesthetic and communicative aspects to which one wishes to respond.

The symposium, organized by the LEB Herbal Research Service- Jaime Andrés Rodríguez ULE, Department of Biodiversity and Environmental Management in collaboration with the Leon School of Art, Superior Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets, MUSAC and the Antonino and Signa Foundation, taught in the morning and afternoon. In addition, participants will be able to validate 1.8 ECTS credits after attending at least 80% of the teaching hours provided. For those interested in registering, all course contents and the registration form are as follows connection. The registration fee for the course is 125 EUR and 100 EUR for students of ULE and other universities, teachers, pre-university students and the unemployed.

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