‘The Squid Game’ creator is preparing a movie based on Umberto Eco: ‘It would be more violent’

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Hwang Dong Hyuk Do not stop though the creator squid game He is currently working on the second season after his overwhelming success on Netflix, and he has already announced his next project. it’s about Elder killing clubA film based on the work of the famous Italian writer, essayist and thinker Umberto Eco.

During a session on MipTV with his producer at February Films, Jun This was revealed by Yong Jang, South Korean director and creator Already wrote a 25-page treatment for the project Definitely expect it It would be “another controversial movie”..

Hwang joked about the new feature film, anticipating it would be more violent than squid game And that he “may have to hide from the elderly as the premiere approaches.” He also added that the working title is Elder killing club or KO . Club.

In his other intervention, the creator explained that now he is only thinking of returning to South Korea to write the second season of squid game And that if all goes according to plan, he expects to premiere at the end of 2024. Commenting on this, Hwang recalled the praise he received for his series, including that of Steven Spielberg himself, whom he met at the AFI Awards. Steven Spielberg told me, ‘I watched the entire season in three days and now I want to steal your mind! ‘ exclaimed Huang, adding that it was like ‘the biggest compliment he’s ever received, because it’s his movie hero. And he grew up watching his movies.

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The South Korean director started writing squid game in 2009 and had to store it in his computer’s memory for years. He recalled thinking that “in the near future, the time will come to use the substance” and that until that day comes, he will have to spend his time on other ideas, such as the three feature films he directed during those years.

Soon, Hwang showed the project to his production company, which “recommend him to do it in America or another foreign country, not Korea, because it’s more like a world show.” When Netflix landed in South Korea and began operating in 2016, the filmmaker decided to propose the idea again, believing they could only implement it as a product that was “so violent and could worry investors.”

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