He was vaccinated 90 times against covid19 for selling fake certificates | The effect on his health is unknown.

A German of about 60 years old, who would have been vaccinated 90 times against COVID-19 To sell vaccination certificates to those who oppose vaccination.

The man whose affiliation has not been revealed, a native of Magdeburg, used multiple doses at various vaccination centers in Saxony, and was discovered due to Served two days in a row in the same center There he was identified by health workers.

He is accused of Forging public documents and issuing vaccination certificates without permission.

The effects on your health that may be caused by the number of doses applied, from different labs and batches, are unknown.

The fraud was exposed at the vaccination center in Ellenburg when the now detainee appeared two days in a row in the same place. spokesperson The German Red Cross, Kai Kranisch, which brought charges against the defendant, He said they discovered the fraud thanks to the suspicion of a health center worker.

The police confiscated several blank vaccination certificates and initiated criminal proceedings.

In Germany, 75 percent of the population received two doses of coronavirus and 58 percent received a booster dose. However, these numbers are lower in Saxony, where only 64.5 percent of the population has the full scheme.

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