Gyms continue to claim: ‘physical activity is healthy’

The demand to halt sporting activities, one of the published restrictions, continues. In an interview with El Cordillerano, the heads of the physical education centers and the teachers made their claims. They said, “This raises a lot of anger.”

“It’s not against anyone, because we all have to train,” said Carla Agostini, one of the owners of the Umbral Arena and the city’s leading athlete. Days earlier, they met Mayor Gustavo Genoso and, as they commented, “He himself agreed that gyms are not a source of infection.”

“Now we’re asking to be called a basic. In other parts of the country, they happened to move on, and they went to court and called gyms and swimming pools a necessity. What that does is they can’t shut you down.”

“The movement itself is valid,” he said. “There are people who don’t go out, need a gym, and those who do rehab, for example. We work a lot with obesity, which is a very high risk factor.” He highlighted the importance of physical activity to be in good health. “Both emotional and physical.”

He also confirmed that the protocols are working properly. “The students already know and they’re clear about it. They come, put in alcohol, we measure their temperature, things that they don’t do in other places that aren’t gyms. Besides being very controlled because they have a turn, you know this guy comes in for an hour and leaves.” The truth, he explained, is that we have been able to adapt very well to the system. “It is an imposed thing and people are already normalizing it.” In addition, measures include spacing and not using changing rooms, among other things.

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“We did everything right, did the protocol, and the students accepted it,” he said. “Physical activity is health. I saw that after the first shutdown, when we opened the gym, the students were frustrated and bad, not to mention the old people who asked when they could start. Now that we are with the vaccine, many people have already been vaccinated, and we already know how Take care of ourselves, once again. “

“We still will and will continue to claim that we want to open. Two weeks have been closed and it is for us a heavy blow that we have to overcome later.” “I demand the source of my work and the source of the people who work with us.”

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