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As we grow up, our body undergoes a series of changes (physical and emotional) that we may like or not like at all, however, everything has a reason for existence and is part of the amazing mechanisms of the human body.

Among these changes are wrinkles or lines that appear on our skin, especially on the face, which makes us wonder why these folds appear on the skin?

Why do wrinkles appear?

Wrinkles appear due to the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. In aging, decreased production of natural oils dries out the skin and makes it look more wrinkled.

This leads to a decrease in the amount of fat stored in the deeper layers of the skin, and since it is not replaced by new fat, it generates a kind of groove that generates a skin fold, giving a loose, flabby appearance.

Although human genetic factors are the main cause of the appearance of these structures, there are other environmental factors that influence this process, such as sun exposure, dehydration, air pollutants, as well as eating and smoking habits.

to an agreement According to dermatologist Elena Manubens, member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, wrinkles appear mainly in the facial area and there are different types of them.

Primarily, “wrinkles are due to loss of hydration,” which are found in the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, as well as in places distal to the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) of the face. . This is because the sebaceous glands in this area of ​​the face resist dehydration.

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Dryness or dehydration can be caused by physical and chemical factors, such as exposure to cold, dry environments, as well as excess dust particles.

Another type of wrinkle can develop at the level of the dermis (deeper layer of the skin), which is the area where the collagen fibers are located. According to Mannobens, “its loss occurs from birth, but there are external factors that accelerate it, such as solar radiation. The decrease in the thickness of the collagen layer causes the appearance of those fine wrinkles that give the skin a look of parchment.”

to an agreement According to the Mayo Clinic, smoking can (as mentioned earlier) speed up the skin’s natural aging process, which contributes to the formation of wrinkles. This may be due to the effect of tobacco on collagen.

Another factor that contributes to the appearance of wrinkles is the daily facial movements and expressions. Staring and laughing are examples of this, these small gestures produce fine lines and wrinkles. Every time you use a facial muscle, a groove forms under the surface of the skin, and as the skin ages, the skin loses its elasticity and no longer regains its shape. These grooves become permanent features of the face.

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