A young man takes a DNA test and finds out that his father is his uncle

Sometimes, what one plans does not come out in the best way. In the United Kingdom, a 19-year-old boy takes a DNA test for fun, only to see the results and inadvertently discover the truth which has been hidden from him for years. According to the newspaper womanthe boy commented that he ruined his entire family.

The teen got a DNA test for €80, about $86 USD, and learned a family secret that completely changed his life. According to the aforementioned method, the young man shared the compatibility number he had with his father.

He also noted that it was impossible to believe “We also share a paternal haplogroup and look a lot alike, so it was definitely my dad.” Certain.

The boy couldn’t believe what he had just discovered, as he had doubts about the veracity of the data. However, there was another coincidence that claimed the information to be real. According to the young man Of which 24.6% shared with his cousinwho is actually his half-sister, since thenCousins ​​agree with only about 12%.

On the other hand, the young man added that his world was falling apart with the discovery and the only truth was that his uncle was actually his biological father.

Afterwards, the boy was invaded by a feeling of anger and ended up confronting his mother and uncle to get answers to his fears; But her mother completely denied that she was unfaithful to her supposed father.

In the same vein, the teen provided evidence that what his mother had said was a lie. “I told him everything: the test, the percentages, the DNA matching, everything! My mom fell to the floor crying and begging me not to tell dad.” Afterwards, he called his half-sister to inform her of the situation.

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Then, who claimed to be his father, returned home and the boy had no choice but to reveal the truth to him.

As the boy pointed it out Over the next few hours, I heard my whole family collapsing outside my front door. My parents got into a heated argument and my grandparents rushed over there to see what was going on.” and that in the end there was physical contact between his father and his uncle.

Finally, he concluded that he felt two sensations. First, the young man felt guilty over how things turned out, but he is relieved to know the truth.

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