The Russian Air Force receives a new Il-76MD-90A transport aircraft

As officially reported by Rostec. The state consortium has confirmed the delivery of a new Il-76MD-90A aircraft intended to enhance the transport capabilities of the Russian Aerospace Forces.. This news was reported on August 11, hailing the release of a video by the Tass news agency showing how the newly manufactured aircraft leaves Aviastar’s facilities and takes off towards its base.

The IL-76MD-90A is a development based on the veteran Soviet IL-76, which has received various upgrades such as new PS-90A-76 engines, a new set of wings and a complete cockpit upgrade, which has been adapted to “glass cockpit” standards. The Il-76MD-90A has also improved performance, with greater autonomy and cargo capacity compared to the Il-76.

From Aviastar they point out that this is the second new production aircraft to be delivered so far in 2023. This is evident from the words in the official statement of Daniel Brennerman, CEO of PAO Ilyushin. In this regard, he indicated the following:This is the second aircraft to be manufactured within this year’s production schedule.. Aviastar fulfills its obligations to provide military transport aviation with modern and reliable aircraft“.

This new aircraft, which will be added to the aircraft previously delivered in 2023, is part of a significant production contract reached in 2012 with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. With this contract, a total order of 39 IL-76MD-90A aircraft has been established to equip the transport aviation regiments of the Russian Aerospace Forces. But as previously stated:(…) According to the new agreement, under the old contract from 2012 the plant was to deliver a total of 13 Il-76MD-90A aircraft (therefore the contract has already expired), and from 2021 it was to A new contract has entered into force for the delivery of 14 aircraft of this type until 2028.

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With the delivery of these two units in 2023, The Aviastar plant, part of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), has completed the delivery of a total of 19 IL-76MD-90A aircraft (including the prototype)In addition to a prototype of the refueling version IL-78M-90A.

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