The regime declares victory at the conclusion of the Havana International Fair

Cuban government Victory was announced on Friday in The 39th International Havana Fair (FIHAV-2023), Which once again becomes a stage for the regime’s political propaganda. “It has been confirmed that Cuba is not alone,” he said. Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Ricardo Cabrisas.

According to a report from Official Website Cubadipati“The most prominent official that day” A wide presence of friends and strategic partners Who are willing to participate actively in Cuba’s economic and social plan until 2030.

He also announced that “the number of companies exceeds, to our satisfaction, what was recorded in previous years” and that this edition “left encouraging and optimistic results” showing “interest in more companies.”Many countries to continue trade with Cuba.

As previously reported First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Ana Teresita Vega González More than 15,000 square meters of exhibition land has been contracted. In the last version, 16,000 people were employed, and that was it Then the Cuban regime presented him as “a figure close to the best.” that has been present in recent years.

but, At FIHAV 2016, 28,000 square meters were contracted for the exhibition; In 2017, it reached 27 thousand square meters. In 2018 more than 25000 square meters.

The official press stressed that throughout the five days that FIHAV lasted this year, “150 commercial and legal documents were formalized, Among them are 24 export contracts, 10 import contracts, and 82 cooperation agreements And letters of intent.” They also specified that ten production and service contracts had been signed between various economic actors, four memorandums of understanding and three memorandums of understanding. Foreign investment business (Two mixed companies and one company with 100% foreign capital).

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“Several agreements were also signed laying the foundations for new international economic unions, especially with representations Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Vietnam, Mozambique“He adds Cubadipati.

In conclusion, Cabrisas said that the event “was held in one of the most complex periods that Cuba has witnessed in the past six decades.

FIHAV develops in the midst of one of the most severe economic crises that Cubans have faced since the 1990s and Fuel shortages affect transportation and cause long-term power outages. but, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz said a few days ago that its “successful development” is important for the country “because it will allow, on the one hand, to reverse the failure of the United States policy in dealing with terrorism.” Isolation against Cuba On the other hand, Reaffirmation The strategic value of this trade exchange “As a space to unite businesses, create and strengthen alliances and, above all, offer investment opportunities” in Cuba.

Although Marrero Cruz was charged The American government is trying to isolate Cuba and the United States of America Today, it is the sixth country in the world that has the largest volume of exports to the island, as revealed Statistical Yearbook of Cuba For the year 2022published by the state National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI).

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