The private sector in an inclusive and sustainable world

It is true that business has traditionally been associated with making profits as a primary objective. But this approach has recently been undermined by its obvious limitations, such as growing inequality, and its implications for sustainability. One of the conclusions we came to in a conversation we had in the frame SDGs Inspiration Day 2021 Organized by RELX is that there is already a shift towards a more balanced vision: those of purpose-driven companies that create positive impacts on their societies and that are not focused exclusively on profitability. From this perspective, the private sector is not only providing goods and services, but also adapting its activities to mitigate its environmental impact and promote sustainable development.

until the Business Round Table – which brings together the leaders of the largest companies in the United States – realized in 2019 that the purpose of the company is no longer just about delivering results to shareholders, but They also invest in their employees and help their communities. This role is reflected in the private sector, which is increasingly involved in initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; Ambitious goals whose progress must be accelerated urgently to be achieved by 2030.

In the case of the International Health Alliance that I co-chair, UHC2030, it is recognized that achieving health for all people, in all places, requires the work of multiple actors. UHC2030’s work aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 3 on health and wellness It is essential to involve the private sector in our efforts . Most countries have health systems that operate in a mixed fashion, run by both the public and private sectors. In this sense, companies committed to our movement are committed to providing accessible goods and services to all residents, especially to those in conditions of greatest vulnerability, and to ensuring that their business models leave no one behind. .

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